Looking for more sunlight in your yard, looking to get rid of nuisance trees, or looking to clear a property to build a new home?

We also provide stump grinding services to accommodate your building needs.

Land Clearing

Forestry mulching is quickly becoming one of the most desirable options for commercial and residential property clearing.  A single piece of equipment is used to cut, grind, and clear vegetation, transforming overgrown, unusable land into attractive and marketable real estate.  Property owners, realtors, and contractors alike are pleased to learn that forestry mulching can be done year round and usually without requiring a permit.  When the job is done, all that is left behind is a layer of natural mulch that is environmentally friendly and pleasing to the eye.

Dirt Work

Yard landscaping is not all glory all the time.  Sometimes, it is dirty, gory, and can be an eyesore. It involves heavy machinery to dig and overhaul the lawn.

For the best professional digging, you can trust our lawn care company to give you the value for your money.  In addition to being a top-notch company in northern Alabama.
Sometimes, your lawn may need to be overhauled, or you need to lay down plumbing or electrical lines, dig a ditch or a pond, or simply just level your land before putting in new sod.  It is paramount that only experts do this to avoid nasty accidents and shoddy jobs. Bama Bob Tree Service has the right tools – dozers and excavators to get the earth out of the way, to get to the electrical conduits and plumbing and install or remove them safely.  This also requires a lot of expertise and experience at handling such heavy tools especially in an urban area.

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